Friday, January 9, 2009

Parshas Vayechi & The Message To Assemble!

In parshas Vayechi, the last parshah in Sefer Bereishis, Yaakov Avinu is about to die, and the first Rashi in the parshah says that once Yaakov passed away, the eyes and heart of Israel were closed because of the suffering of Mitzrayim. Rashi says there a Davar Acher, that the pasuk Vayechi Yaakov is "closed" because Yaakov wished to reveal the Keitz HaYamim to his sons.

I heard a beautiful shiur From R' Shmuel Zucker from Yeshivas Derech HaMelech (
discussing these ideas, as well as from R' Shmuel Brazil from Yeshivah Shaar Yoshuv (email me if you'd like me to forward you R' Brazil's shiur). R' Zucker points out that Parshas Vayechi is the parsha of L'Asid Lavo, where Yaakov Avinu makes Yosef swear to bury him in Eretz Yisroel, which is the Artzos HaChaim (the land of techiyas Hamesim) - The Makom of Olam HaAsid. As Yaakov Avinu is about to reveal the Keitz HaYamim to his children, the Shivtei Kah, Yaakov called for his sons and said "Assemble Yourselves..." - He'Asfu V'Agidu Lachem Es Asher Yikrah Eschem B'Achris HaYamim.

The point is so simple, yet so deep - as Klal Yisroel prepares for the Keitz HaYamim, which is so close that we can taste it, we have to "Assemble" ourselves. We have to Gather Together!

Yaakov Avinu was talking to us. Chaverim, during these turbulent times, we need to focus on this message. H" is behind all that is going on in the world. Every detail, every event is coordinated by H" with divine precision. The King is knocking on the door for us to hear, and we must listen to the words of the Parshah: Let's Gather Together! He'Asfu! Assemble!

Klal Yisroel - We should merit to be B'Shalom, and to hear the words of Yaakov Avinu and Moshiach Tzidkeinu saying that finally, the Keitz has arrived, bimhera veyamenu.

Gut Shabbos.

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