Tuesday, January 20, 2009

K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad

In Sefer Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh (Alef), Rav Itamar Shwartz, shlita, teaches in Seif 106, that H" is called a "Hidden G-d" (Yeshayahu 45:15). Where does he hide? In a person's heart.

We've all heard droshos on K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad. But if we dwell upon what the Bilvavi teaches here, it can change our world. If H" is hiding in my heart, then H" is hiding in your heart as well. He's also hiding in Reuven's heart, Shimon's heart and Levi's heart. He's hiding in the heart of your neighbor, your wife, your husband, your kids, and even those who you MIGHT find it difficult to get along with. It's our common denominator as Am Yisroel. When you look at any Jew, know that H" Yisbarach is hiding in that person's heart, just as He is in yours. If H" is hiding in his or her heart, then you should love that person "with all your heart".

Each of our soldiers went into Gaza with H" hiding in their hearts. Am Yisroel, with H" hiding in each and every one of our hearts, davened on their behalf. K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad.

Just an observation. No tefillah goes unanswered - look at the headlines in the days following the Operation Cast Lead:

Israel Discovers Gas! (IsraelNN.com) - Published: 01/18/09

Arab World on Verge of Collapse (IsraelNN.com) - Published Jan/19/09

Who knows what will be in the day's ahead? Klal Yisroel! Let's keep davening, keep learning, keep saying Tehillim - and let's look at each other in the Heart - knowing that H" is hiding there, within each of us.

Unite Klal Yisroel - Unite!

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  1. My first reaction was I love the picture!
    But I love your piece much more!!! Shkoach!

    I always thought of it in the context of "Bni Bechori Yisrael". If I'm a chashuva son of Hashem; well so are you, and you and you and you.... shkoach for the new context and vivid description of the hearts of our soldiers!