Monday, June 21, 2010

Basic Training - Achdus 101

Over and over the headlines are screaming to us - ikvasa d'meshicha. When a rowboat full of pirates floating on lies headed towards our homeland can gather international support in a matter of minutes, it's pretty clear that the nations are uniting the way the nevi'im have told us.

My friends, the time is now. The Ribbono Shel Olam has taught us the way to protect ourselves. We must unite. The sefarim hakedoshim over the last few parshios have made clear the danger of machlokes. I was learning this morning in Likutei Moharan how a Jew needs to grab onto the Kisei HaKavod in order to stand strong against the turbulence in this world. We do this by uniting with the Jewish people. Jewish Unity. We say every morning before putting on Tallis and Tefillin, "L'Shem Yichud ... B'Shem Kol Yisrael" - "In the Name of All Israel!"

We need now to make all of our thoughts, speech and actions be "In the Name of All Israel!" Let's stop looking for faults in others and instead focus on the Chelek Elokah that is within them. We are all H"s children. Each from different shevatim, from different places, with different talents, different ideas. We need to focus on improving ourselves, in lieu of being makpid on others. A symphony orchestra contains many instruments, many notes, many sounds, and all combine to create beautiful music.

We are H"s children, in the midst of playing out the notes that comprise the most amazing song ever written - the symphony orchestra of creation. As for me, I don't care what Reuven is wearing. I don't care what kind of kippah Shimon has on. I don't care if Levi looks up to his Rebbe, or whether Yehuda thinks that his Rosh Yeshiva has the true mehalech. Each of us is a note being played in this fabulous symphony, and each one is vital to the orchestra.

We're all H"s children. H" wants us to be one. To Unite.

My friends - the time has come to truly unite. Let's put aside our differences, and see the goodness lying inside each of us.

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