Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Power To Spread Achdus!

You know, I started this blog last year, and after a short while, thought to myself, who can I really reach this way? What kind of a difference can I make by blogging. Perhaps I should just focus on my own avodah, and leave the "reaching out to others" thing to the kiruv professionals. And so I stopped. But the need to spread the word kept nagging at me. As we see in the "velt", in order to reach others, one needs to advertise. I can't take out billboard advertisements to spread the word of achdus, however great that would be. But H" Yisbarach assists when we have a ratzon to spread kedushah in the world. As I sat and watched the world turn upside down in terms of reason, I felt that I just couldn't sit back and watch anymore. I had to do something. And so, I decided to try to spread the message of achdus this way. I started re-blogging yesterday, and have received so much positive encouragement from readers, that I realize once again the siyata d'shmaya that H" gives us when we try to spread His light in the world.

My friends, if each of us did something small like this - an email, a voice mail, a smile, a quick word of chizuk on a bus or train, can you imagine how it would spread. We all see the devastating effects that division causes, and how the media jumps on it. We're bombarded by news from the media of the differences between us. Let's press reset. Like Rebbe Nachman from Breslov teaches, we can all start over, any time, any day, even many times in one day. Let's start over. Let's throw away the differences, and latch onto the shoresh in each other. The G-dliness hiding within each of us.

I have an amazing niece that decided a few months ago that she wanted to make a difference in the world, but couldn't decide how to do it. She wanted to spread the word of Emunah, B"H. She decided to send to a few friends a daily SMS text message with an inspirational Emunah thought. Word spread, and she now has a large list of holy yidden that subscribe to her daily texts. How simple, and pure - an Emunah text. And H" has given her siyata d'shmaya to spread the word. Imagine if we all did something like this. If this spread in our little worlds, in our circles.

Please, each of us can make a difference in our little circles. H" will give us all the strength to change the darkness into light. Just light a candle and you can dispel so much darkness in the world.

H" Ya'azor - all of our efforts should bring about rachamim peshutim, and chasadim megulim from H" Yisbarach onto Am Yisroel, and bring the ultimate redemption, with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu, Bimheira V'yameinu, B'Shalom!

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